About Us

About Us

Students Achieve was founded in 2010 and since has provided many parents of various socio-economic background the right level of tuition and support to get their child through the education system with the best opportunities possible. We believe we are not just a tuition centre, yet a hub for the community providing free advice and support for all parents, to ensure their child is guided correctly. Having been Ofsted registered in 2015, we have met the very specific criteria from student safety to the profiling and training of our talented tutors who strive to provide the best experience for all students who attend our classes.

Our tutors

At Students Achieve we understand the difficulty in finding the right tutor to best suit your child and thus will be more than happy to provide you with any support needed so you make the right choice. All our tutors have been through our very lengthy interview process and have, if needed, been put on our training programs prior to being in a class with your child. They have met every criteria set out by Ofsted and more! At Students Achieve, we’re very proud of our incredible staff – they’re at the heart of everything we do and they make a big difference to our families and communities. We look for academic achievers to work in our centres, who are passionate about education and can act as inspiring role models. All our people share a passion for learning and helping children to reach their full potential. We’re 100% confident you won’t find another bunch of people so kind, supportive and downright enthusiastic to work alongside your child to allow them to prosper and reach their potential!

Class sizes

Our class sizes are no more than 6 in each class per a tutor, we feel anymore than this would be a lack of commitment from our end and a waste of your time and money! Students learn best in small groups, any more than 6 would mean the tutor would not be able to individualise lessons as effectively.


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Postal Address

PO Box 97845
Baker st. 567, Los Angeles,
California, US

Phone & E-mail

Phone: 1-800-64-38
Fax: 1-800-64-39

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Weekend Closed


Mornings, 8 am – 12 noon
Afternoons, 1 pm – 5 pm
Full Day, 8 am – 5 pm

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